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NC Psych Assoc Publishes Top 4 Reasons Opposing Gay Marriage Is Bonkers


1. There is no empirical evidence that supports the denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships.

2. There is empirical evidence that denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships is damaging to their psychological health.

3. There is empirical evidence that opposing denial of marriage rights initiatives has beneficial psychological effects.

4. Psychologists have colleagues and we have clients for whom this issue is relevant and important, and who appreciate representation. From a social justice perspective, significant benefits accrue to all of us when diverse families are legally and socially sanctioned.

Thus, it is resolved that, based on the available empirical evidence, the North Carolina Psychological Association is opposed to the May ballot initiative that would alter the North Carolina Constitution to make marriage between a man and a woman the only legal domestic union recognized in the state. This position will be communicated to NCPA members, and NCPA may be listed with other organizations opposing the amendment, such as Equality NC. NCPA may also seek to make coalitions with other mental health associations and agencies for the purpose of opposing the amendment.

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