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Why the RIAA (a big supporter of SOPA) is made of douchebags:


  • In 2005, they sued a single mother of 5 for downloading 6 songs, as well as suing 2 of her children. [link]
  • In 2007, they sued a woman for downloading 24 songs. She was told to pay $222,0000, then in a second trial she was told to pay $2 million. When this sum was reduced to $54,000, the RIAA refused to accept it, and a third trial awarded the RIAA $1.5 million. This sum was again reduced to $54,000, and the RIAA has indicated they plan to appeal the decision. [link]
  • In 2008, they sued a 19-year-old woman that had a disability and was suffering from pancreatitis. [link] 
  • A lawyer for the RIAA suggested that copying legally obtained songs from a computer to a MP3 player is illegal file sharing, and when they sued someone, they used this claim in their lawsuit. [link]
  • In 2001, the RIAA challenged people to try and hack their new SDMI encryption, with the reward being a cash prize. When someone managed to hack it, they proceeded to sue him. [link]
  • In 1999, the RIAA hired a Congressional staff attorney that had inserted language into copyright legislation that stripped artists of their copyright interests and transferring those interests to their record labels. He was given the position of Senior Vice President in one area of the company. [link]

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