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Briefly in July 2011, due to the debt-ceiling crisis, Apple’s financial reserves were greater than those of the US Government.

Wikipedia, history section for the Apple Inc. article

mfw people claim that wikipedia is a terrible source, even when an article is well-cited with reputable sources

Yes, maybe Wikipedia itself is a bad source, but when cited correctly it can be very helpful.

I fully give up on wikipedia, specifically its Antifeminism page. Any attempt to nullify the clear feminist bias in the article results in feminists restoring it back in while I sleep.


I give the fuck up. If anyone is dumb enough to be deluded by this crap, they don’t deserve to know the truth anyway.

Hmm. It’s these types of instances that lead teachers to hate Wikipedia, I suppose. Antifeminism is an opposition to (usually modern) feminism, not woman’s rights. Hence anti-feminism.